GMC Sierra Truck Interior Floor Liner

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This truck interior floor liner covers the bottom of folded 2nd seats, floor and the carpet on the back of front seats. Comes in 5 pieces.

It's very important to please take the time to read the description and view the photos carefully! What you see and read are the variations that this vehicle pattern entails. The patterns we obtain locally might not include all the options available and we want to ensure your product is delivered as expected.

The Canvasback cargo liner fits beautifully and protects the back carpeting of the GMC Sierra 5 or 6 seater Crew Cab. Loved by dog owners, hunters, gardeners and sport enthusiasts, the Canvasback cargo protector keeps the back floor and bottom of the 2nd seats protected from dirt, water, scuffs, pet hair, etc. Available in a variety of colors including fun prints like Hawaiian, Camouflage and Tan Plaid.

This liner covers the floor behind the front seats. When the 2nd seats are folded back to open up the area, there are 2 pieces that attach and cover the carpet and drape down over the storage area and attach to the back of the floor liner with a hook/loop tabbing system. The design is to cover all your "stuff" in the storage area, have a nice clean look and easy to get into. There are 2 more small pieces that protect the carpet that is on the back of the front seats toward the bottom.

The back floor of the truck is not totally flat and has some curves and bumps which makes it hard to get a nice, tight, fit. The liner is a little loose so that there is give when you step or put pressure on the sides of the bumps.

NOTE: Regular Velcro-like hook does not grab the carpet in the car. We send out self-adhesive loop to act as good carpeting. When you apply the loop to the carpet, press firmly so it has a nice stick (it won't hurt the carpet). Works great!

This liner comes in 5 pieces.
Product Name GMC Sierra Truck Interior Floor Liner
Year 2019-2023
Self Adhesive Yes
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