Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 Crew Cab

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Our custom fit cargo liner beautifully protects the back truck area of the Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 Crew Cab.

**NOTE: If you have the Classic, Chassis, Heavy Duty or Fold Flat Floor, SKU 13555 might fit your truck. Please look closely at the pictures before ordering as there are many configurations of this truck.
Our custom fit cargo liner beautifully protects the back truck area of the Dodge Ram Crew 5 seater. Loved by dog owners, hunters, gardeners and sport enthusiasts, the Canvasback cargo protector keeps the floor area behind the front seat of the truck protected from dirt, water, scuffs, pet hair, etc. Available in a variety of colors including fun prints like RealTree, Black Plaid, Camouflage and British Plaid.

The Canvasback covers the floor behind the front seats with two pieces. One piece wraps around the bottom of the console area to protect the carpeted area and attaches to the other main floor liner. The floor piece has access to the small storage bins on the right and left side of the floor. There are also two pieces that attach to the small carpeted area on the bottom of the back of the front seats.

Special Cut Outs:  Please note in image 4 there are two options with two cut outs each on the floor liner.  Standard orders for this truck DO NOT have either of these cut outs.  If you would like either the Storage Handles or the Rubber tray connectors accessible, please order accordingly.

This liner covers the bottom of the back of the 2nd seat when its folded up against the back of the truck. These cover the carpeting on the seat bottoms and angles down to the cargo floor and attaches to the end of the floor liner by a hook/loop fastening system. It works great as it covers the area under the seat in the back of the mess that might be in there and you can still get into that storage area easily.

NOTE: This truck liner can come with or without grocery hooks that are located on the 2nd seat when folded up. And also these seats can have a cut out around a seat latch located at the top of the seats when they are folded up.
NOTE: The carpet on the floor of this truck does not grab onto Hook. We send this section out with self adhesive loop to stick onto the vehicles carpet. It works great and doesn't hurt the carpet. The other pieces all stick fine.

** Please see pictures to help for installation. It's also a good idea to take the Self Adhesive Loop off the piece you are putting on the truck first and really rub hard into the carpet so it gets a good stick. (Lay the piece in the truck first so you know where the hook strips will hit on the carpet, then put the self adhesive down).

This full liner comes in 6 pieces.
Product Name Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 Crew Cab
Year 2019-2024
Self Adhesive Yes
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