"Everyone knows the feeling we get after a new vehicle purchase of becoming overly paranoid about keeping our rides looking good, I'm no different.

While making a decision on what brand of product to purchase for protecting my new vehicle (Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro), I ran across Canvasback's website. As I was researching products I learned that Brooks, the owner and CEO of Canvasback, has a black lab named "Chester" who is a highly trained retriever and loves to HUNT. That alone was enough for me to wanna support Canvasback, because I support those that support our rights to hunt and fish! Combining that, with the quality crafted #AmericanMade products that they have designed to protect our vehicles, I was sold!!

Sure enough, after receiving all my cargo liners a few days later, I realized that the quality, fit, and craftsmanship of the Canvasback Cargo Liners were in fact, top notch! I easily installed all the liners from the front seats to the rear cargo area and they look amazing! And yes (I checked), they are indeed waterproof as advertised.

I produce Outdoor Television and I depend on products that function and I have no time or tolerance for ones that do not. Whether it's muddy and wet waders or dogs, decoys or packs, or just the wear and tear of tossing heavy camera gear and cases in and out of my vehicle day in and day out, I can now travel the country confidently knowing Canvasback has my vehicle covered and protected!

@canvasbackcargoliners will be stylishly protecting my investments for years to come!!!

Thank you to the ENTIRE Canvasback Cargo Liners Team!!!!!!"

David, September 2017


"Awesome product, I installed it in minutes!! Really like the personalized general instruction sheet!! Most of all I love that it is made in the great USA!!"

John, September 2017


"We purchased a 2016 Juke Canvasback and we ended up receiving a Canvasback to another vehicle. This was likely customer error, but, without missing a beat, the COO (that's right an executive officer) immediately responded to my email and shipped us the correct Canvasback. Canvasback's customer service was top notch, the people were friendly and professional, and the product is exceptional. I would not have any doubts about recommending this product and company to a friend or family member."

Matthew, September 2017


"Excellent product. Well made and great attention to detail for our particular car model. Very nice to see the signatures of the people who did the work. Thank you."

Laura, August 2017


"Great product and even better customer service. These guys went above and beyond to help me out and I could not be more happy! The dog biscuits are a nice touch too - highly recommend this company and product!!"

Matt, August 2017


"So happy with my seat covers. Love the no slip backing!!"

Cathy, August 2017


"Just ordered and installed my Canvasback for my 2017 Ford Focus ST. Fits perfectly, appears to be very well made!"

Jim, July 2017


"I ordered the cargo wheel well covers for my new Golf Alltrack - they got here super quick and fit perfect! They are well made and I love that the paperwork included with them had the signatures of the individuals who cut the pattern, sewed the product and checked/packaged - shows pride in a product well made!!"

Jeni, July 2017


"I read about Canvasback on the Toyota 4Runner forums shortly after purchasing my new TRD Pro 4Runner. The numerous excellent reviews on the forum were correct! Great product! I am very happy with my purchase and customer service was outstanding. They worked with me and agreed to do contrasting red stitching on my black covers so that it matches my interior perfectly. They look custom and I am very happy!"

Becky, May 2017


"Would advise any with dogs that shed to get this. GREAT AND AWESOME Product and AMERICAN MADE. Thanks Guys for the quick shipping and great quality product."

Jordan, May 2017


"Love my new canvasback for my 2 Newfoundlands! It's perfect!!"

Ellen, May 2017


"This is an awesome product! It looks like it is part of my car. I got the liner + sides + extended sides in black and white Hawaiian print for my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited in order to protect my new car from my drooly, hairy dogs that ride with me all the time. This works perfectly. All the measurements were correct and I don't really see why I would ever need to take this off. Shipping was fast considering the product is made after you order. My dogs loved the cookies! Nice touch."

Danielle, March 2017


"Fast, completely made to order and fits the interior like a glove. Great product made by friendly experts!"

Bill, March 2017


"Great customer service. Great quality and fit for our MKX!"

Noel, March 2017

"I just received my Canvasback cargo liner for my 2017 Mercedes GLC.  I’m very impressed with the quality and attention to detail that was put into your design.  You perfectly matched every curve and opening in the GLC rear compartment.  I researched a variety of products available on the Internet and nothing compares to the quality of the Canvasback liner.  You would be hard pressed to find another product that performs and protects the cargo area of your SUV.  The main liner along with the two side panels took less than 30 minutes to install.  The adhesive was aggressive and quickly took hold of the carpet inside the vehicle.  The accuracy of design left no ripple or pucker normally seen in generic “one size fits all”, liners.  I might even step up and get the bumper flap!  I highly recommend this liner if you are looking for quality and durability.  The streamline design allows you to raise and lower the rear seats without having to tuck the liner in the seat crease.  No tie downs, no clips, no constant adjusting after installing!  It really looks like an OEM provided accessory. Well done!!"

Mark, February 2017

"Thanks a million for the perfect fit! You guys are awesome! Very very happy customer.."

Jim, February 2017

“THESE LINERS ARE AWESOME!! Just bought a new 2017 vw golf alltrack. I wasn't even sure if Canvasback made liners to fit yet because the car just came out, but they did! Now our interior won't be destroyed by our 2 crazy dogs! Yewwww! It took 5 minutes to install everything; super easy. And they look really professional! Stoked to support an American made product from a company that knows the importance of quality! Also, I don't want to forget to mention the speedy turn around, free shipping and great prices! Thanks guys!”

Ryan, February 2017

"Thank you for a great product.  It looks great."

Ken, January 2017

"CanvasBack has the best customer support that I have ever dealt with. I have an older 2001 suburban. My dog destroyed the backside of the 2nd row seats from years of car rides. I ordered this cover and it did not have the proper cuts for my model. I spoke to Pete on the phone at CanvasBack and he was surely a delight to deal with. He told me during the 2001 model year, Chevy made a few different seat configurations. I was able to send Pete photos and he took measurements from me over the phone. We sent a series of emails back and forth.  About a week later I had a custom liner tailored for my particular seats. It fit perfectly despite them not having a template for my version of seats in their doing cabinet. I am extremely happy with my purchase and time dealing with this company. I also just purchased a liner for my wife's brand new four door Jeep Wrangler. We are truly pleased and will be recommending these liners for anyone with a dog. Lifetime customers for sure."

Charles, December 2016

"The canvasback is simply brilliant, superb fit, great product!!"

Andrew, December 2016

"I received the liner, back and sides.  They are very well designed and executed!  Thank you."

Ann, November 2016

“I love my Canvasback! I bought it for my new Buick Enclave to protect the interior from our Black Lab. I looked at a lot of different options and decided Canvasback was right for me. I especially like the bumper guard, the fact that it covers the backs of my 2nd row seats, and it is waterproof. Best of all, it's American made!”

Karol, October 2016

“Installed my Canvasback in my 2016 Yukon Denali with ease this weekend. It fits perfectly and the 20" Bumper flap is just what was needed to protect the back hatch area and bumper. It looks like it will protect the back cargo area from the dogs. Thanks for a great product and the pups liked the cookies.”

Steve, August 2016

“This product is probably one of the best additions I've made to my 2013 4Runner. Not only does it keep the carpet clean from my 2 Schnauzers, but it also protects from the cargo I occasionally carry. What impressed me most is the fit - my Canvasback came with 6 pieces, which perfectly accommodated my rear seat backs and cargo area with sliding rear tray. I finally got around to cleaning my Canvasback this past weekend, and all it took was warm water with soap.”

Anil, August 2016

“Haven't had my 3 dogs in there yet since installing it yesterday but it looks great and covers every piece of the cargo area that the dog hair sticks on. Also, great customer service!”

Marc, July 2016

“We installed our canvasback into our 4 door wrangler to protect it from our 3 dogs (2 Great Danes and a Lab mix). It has been wonderful! It's easy to vacuum and keeps the water and dirt off of our seat backs. We even hauled mulch the other day and they got wet and it did not soak through. We are very happy with our purchase and will definitely be buying a set for our other vehicle!!!”

Kiley, June 2016

“I am so pleased with my new cargo liner. It fits my new Ford Edge perfectly and is very well made. It installed easily and looks custom made. My two Labradors also enjoyed the enclosed doggy biscuits.. Well done!”

Beryl, April 2016

“I have this cargo cover and the side flaps. I love them! Great coverage and they look OEM. I couldn't be happier with them.”

Josh, March 2016

“Just installed it in my 2011 Murano and it was a snap! Literally covers every inch of that rear lining that is a magnet for pet hair. Made of great material and the Velcro is tough. Loving it! And thanks for the pet treats, that was a nice touch!”

Jenn, March 2016

“Fixin to order our second Canvasback. The first went into a Lincoln MKX that carted our two Labs around after their walk and swim. This next one is going into a Grand Cherokee. The product works exactly as advertised. The Velcro that holds it to the carpet doesn't slip and the material holds up well to groceries and claws.”

Stephen, March 2016

“I cannot say enough about my canvasback I just received for my 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum... I did the Hawaiian Print and absolutely love it!!! My Mom has now ordered them as well for her New Explorer! And Daughter in Law is interested!! Thank u thank u thank u!!! P.S. My husband was NOT excited that I was going to go with the print but when he saw it he liked it as well!”

Kim, February 2016

“Love my Canvasback cargo liner! I bought a new car that would be comfortable for the dogs and then was afraid to let them in, until now. The fit is clean and perfect and it has already proven to be waterproof. Great customer service, too! Thank you!”

Rachel, January 2016

“Fantastic Quality, looks great in my Ford Explorer! My Golden Tucker loves it too!”

James, January 2016

“Phenomenal service and amazing people. Called to place my order and the team couldn't have more professional and courteous. So proud to own one and happy it's made in USA.”

Jordan, December 2015

“I purchased canvas liners for my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit in Australia. They fit perfectly and I can thoroughly recommend them. I never remove them they are fantastic to keep the back clean when transporting big hairy dogs.”

Steven, October 2015

“The Canvasback liner fits my Mazda CX5 perfectly and has withstood 2 years of daily use by my (often muddy and dirty) 140 lb Leonberger.”

Gayle, October 2015

“Love Canvasback!!! Just Ordered My Second Set!! When I traded my last vehicle in - I pulled the canvas back cover off AND the Carpets were PERFECT. I didn't even need to vacuum that area. I have TWO dogs, both with long hair. Canvas washes up well, holds its color and shape. Zippers are strong. Resists stains. I can't say enough about this product. And they ship quick.”

Julia, October 2015

“I bought the Canvasback liner for my 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Works great for hauling dogs, camping equipment and other dirty items. Keeps the cargo area easy to clean.”

Susie, October 2015

“The Canvas back in my 2014 is my third one. Had them in my Mariner and Mountaineer! They are fantastic especially if you haul dogs.”

Lois, October 2015

“I'm so happy with my Canvasback Cargo Liner! After my Golden jumped in the back of my jeep, his paw came down on the metal piece of the back of the seat (seats were folded down). He sliced his paw and severed all tendons. Thankfully after surgery he was ok. After that I searched for a liner that would cover the entire area. Canvasback was the only company I could find and I'm thankful I did. I actually spoke to a gentleman at Canvasback and explained what happened, he assured me that these liners would fix the problem and to place my order online. When I received my package, to my surprise they included a package of Dog treats for Clutch! Great product, easy to clean and most importantly I know my Dog is safe!”

Melissa, October 2015

“I needed just my back seats covered so when I fold them down, the carpet stays protected from muddy paws. They accommodated me and made exactly what I asked for!!!”

Lisa, July 2015

“I bought the camo liner for my 2011 Sportwagon and after 4 years of many road trips with 3 dogs, it still looks brand new and has done an excellent job protecting the cargo area. Fit was perfect and love the zipper for split seats! Have just sold my VW and am planning to order another liner for a Toyota Highlander!”

Betsy, June 2015

“I recently purchased Canvasback for my 2014 Jeep Cherokee. It was easy to install and fit perfectly. Awesome craftsmanship!!! My 3 year old Lab loves to go everywhere with me so it's a great accessor for the Jeep. I cleaned it for the first time today by vacuuming it at the car wash and then wiping it with a damp towel and it was as good as new. I recommend this to anyone who frequently travels with pets!!!”

Megan, April 2015

“I've had my canvasback liner for 2 years now and still looks as good as the day I got it love it was easy to install and has held up great to my two dogs perfect for anyone that hunts and has 4 legged hunting buddies.”

Jeremy, April 2015

“This is the BEST cargo liner I have ever purchased! I purchased my Canvasback for my 2012 Subaru Outback and the fit was perfect! Easy to install and cleanups were simple! Exactly what I was looking for.”

Eric, April 2015

“I just received my cargo liner for my 2010 Mazda 3. It’s awesome, it fits perfectly. I am a neat freak that hates dog hair on the carpet as it so hard to get off. Canvasback has solved this by creating a liner that covers every inch of carpet in your hatch back, they have a light cut out & very strong Velcro. It is fast & easy to install. Canvasback has EXCELLENT customer service and will respond to questions within the day. I am so glad I purchased this liner and would recommend this company to anyone.”

Erin, September 2014

“We won one for our 2010 RAV4 3 years ago in a silent auction. I didn't hesitate to order one the day I bought our new 2014 RAV4. It fits like a glove and holds up well to our golden retrievers!”

Sam, September 2014

“Ordered Plaid print for 05 Subaru Outback. Perfect fit, easy to install, muddy dog feet and pet hair cleans off effortlessly. The BEST product and a must have for any SUV owner. You won't be disappointed.”

Angie, August 2014