Canvasback Discounted Liners

Our Canvasback Cargo Liners are made by hand and specific to order. Occasionally, mistakes are made, flaws go unnoticed, or items are returned. These Canvasback Cargo Liners still need a home!

Discounted Liners include:

    • Gently used – returned liners that might have a few marks
    • Permanent marker bleed through from the backside – from the product SKU # written under the liner
    • Small fabric flaws – color differences, minor fabric imperfections, etc.
    • Liners that utilize older logos or other materials no longer in use, such as zippers

These things will not impede the use or durability of your Canvasback Cargo Liners should you decide to “adopt one” and take it home.

Please review your car make, model, and year to see details and photos for your specific vehicle. This can be viewed in the product dropdown or in the product finder at the top of the home page. This will be helpful before you purchase so you know exactly what the liner is covering in the car.  Different vehicles have different configurations.

To purchase a Discounted Liner or find out more information about the products, please email Photos are also available.

DISCLAIMER: Discounted liners are not eligible for sales or promotions. The Discounted Liners are sold in “as is” condition. You will have a 10-day period to inspect and approve your liner. Should you decide to return it, you will be responsible for all shipping costs, unless the issues/concerns fall under Canvasback’s Limited Warranty with the EXCEPTION of known expressed defects. 


MakeModelYearColorSKUDescription Price
AcuraMDX2007-2013Hibiscus36900-20Hibiscus is a bit bluish, not black. Has zipper$100
AcuraMDX2007-2013Graphite36900-15Has zipper and large logo, some stains$100
AudiA32006-2014Mocha36533-11Has large logo, older mocha color$100
AudiA32006-2014Black36533-13Return, large logo, a little scuffed up$100
AudiA4 Avant2002-2008Graphite36404-15/CSP $100
BMW 3 Series Wagon2006-2011Mocha36330-11Has zipper and large logo, includes special cutouts for D-rings$100
BMW 3 Series Wagon2006-2011Graphite36330-15Has zipper and large logo, a little oil on liner$100
BMW X52008-2013Mocha36555-11/CSPReturn, zipper$100
BMW X52008-2013Black36555-13No sides, zipper$100
BMW X52008-2013Graphite36555-15Has loop for bumper flap, zipper$100
BMWX52014-2015Graphite37655-CSP-15Sides only, oil marks/stains$100
Buick Enclave2011-2017Hibiscus38721-20Has old logo and zipper$100
Buick Enclave2011-2017Black38721-C2-13Box under logo a little crooked, has zipper and larger logo$100
CadillacEscalade2007-2014Graphite36585L-C2-F3-15 $100
CadillacSRX2004-2009Mocha36356-11Large logo$100
ChevySilverado2014-2015Mocha11665-11No seat bottoms, a little wide under back seat$100
ChevySilverado2014-2015Black11665-13No seat bottoms, a little wide under back seat$100
ChevySuburban2015-2018Mocha38110-11Cargo only with two flaws$100
ChevySuburban2015-2018Graphite38110B-15 (man)1/2" too short$100
ChevySuburban 2004-2006Graphite36385L-15Cargo piece only$100
ChevyTahoe2007-2014Mocha36585-B2-F3-11Old pattern, 3rd seat may be slightly larger. Large logo$100
ChevyTahoe2007-2014Graphite36585-CH-C2-R3-15Has large logo, minor stains from self-adhesive/oil$100
ChevyTraverse2009-2010Mocha36728-11Has large logo and zipper. Older mocha color. Capt. Seats$100
ChevyVolt2011-2015Graphite38600-15Odd logo, two small stains$100
Chevy Equinox2007-2009Graphite36602-15Has large logo$100
Chevy Tahoe2007-2014Graphite36585-15Capt., no 3rd$100
Chevy/GMCSuburban/YukonXL2007-2014Mocha36585L-C2-F3-11Slight bleed through from permenant marker.Captains 2nd, fixed 3rd seat. Fits either car$100
Dodge Durango2006-2009Black36354B-13Large logo$100
Ford Exped. EL2007-2017Plaid36593L-24Return, has zipper $100
Ford Expedition2003-2004Blue36320-BlueMinnetonka High School blue with logo$100
Ford Explorer2006-2010Red36395-RedRed fabric with white webbing$100
Ford Explorer2006-2010Maroon36395-MaroonU of M Maroon and Gold, used$100
Ford F250/3502017-2018Black11355-YS-5P-13Floor liner only, prototype slightly off, Super Crew with storage$100
Ford Flex2009-2012Graphite36723-15manHas mocha webbing, webbing is a little frayed$100
Ford Flex2009-2012Graphite36723-15 PFHas large logo. $100
Ford Flex2009-2012Graphite36723-15 PFHas small logo $100
GMCAcadia2013-2016Black38731-13Cargo only, slight flaws$100
HondaCRV2012-2016Black38305-13Old style, doesn't cover plastic on sides of cargo$100
HondaPilot2007-2008Mocha36381B-11Has zipper. Old mocha color$100
InfinitiQX562008-2010Mocha37056-11Has large logo, older mocha color$100
InfinitiQX602014-2016Mocha38125-YP-11Permanent marker bleed thru, power fold 3rd$100
InfinitiQX602014-2017Mocha38125-YP-11 $100
Infiniti QX562013Mocha38156-56-B2-11 $100
JeepLiberty2008-2012Black36518-13Has zipper $100
Jeep Liberty2008-2012Black36518-13Has zipper$100
Jeep Wrangler 2007-2010Plaid36714-24Has small logo and zipper $100
KiaBorrego2009-2010Black36705-13Has large logo and zipper$100
KiaSorento2010-2013Hibiscus36700-20Bluish stain/dye fabric flaw, has zipper$100
LexusLX2008-2018Mocha38570-11Has flaps, not open boxes$100
MazdaCX92007-2015Camo37309-26 $100
MercedesE3502011-2016Graphite38350-151/2" too short$100
MercedesGLE2016Black39507-13/BFHas some marks on fabric$100
MercedesGLK2010-2015Graphite37601-15Second box cut big, missing cutouts on seatbacks, has zipper and large logo$100
MercedesML Series2006-2011Mocha36507-11/CSPHas zipper$100
MercedesR Class2007-2012Graphite36509-15/CSPHas large logo, some oil spots$100
Nissan Murano2009-2014Graphite36409-15/CSPHas zipper and large logo$100
Nissan Murano2015-2018Mocha37409-11Was a prototype, slits are not what is used in final product$100
Nissan Rogue2009-2013Mocha 36450-11 (prem)Has zipper$100
Nissan Rogue2009-2013Black36450-13 (stand)Has zipper and large logo, velcro a little dirty$100
Porsche Macan2015-2018Realtree 37800-28Fabric reversed when cut (weeds pointing down, not up). Has loop for BF$100
SaturnVue2008-2009Realtree 37306-28Return, has large logo and zipper. One piece$100
SubaruAscent2019Black39432-C2-13Prototype, captains seats about 1/4" short and boxes on 60 split 3rd row slightly off$100
SubaruForester2009Black36431-13Has zipper and large logo, short$100
SubaruOutback2005-2009Graphite36512-15Return, has zipper$100
SubaruOutback2005-2009Camo36512-26Has zipper and large logo$100
ToyotaHighlander2004-2007Mocha36352B-11Has zipper and large logo$100
ToyotaHighlander2004-2007Graphite36352B-15Has zipper, large logo and some minor stains$100
ToyotaPrius2010-2015Camo37404-26 $100
ToyotaPrius2010-2015Camo37404-26 $100
Toyota Highlander2011-2013Camo38703-26Scuffs on back, has large logo and zipper$100
Toyota Prius2010-2015Plaid37404-24Return, has large logo and zipper$100
ToyotaRav42019Graphite39407-15Prototype, bottom right corner is half an inch short$100
VolkswagenTouareg2011-2017Black38353-13Small hole in cargo$100
VolvoXC602010-2017Black36660-13/CSPHas a few scratches$100
VolvoXC902003-2014Graphite36990-15/CSP/BF20scratches, minor stains from adhesive and gentle use$100