Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does the cargo liner actually cover?

A. Depending on the configuration of your vehicle, the liner covers the carpeted cargo area and up the back of the 2nd and/or 3rd seat.  The whole idea is to cover and protect your carpeted cargo area when all your seats lay flat.  Liners will come in either one piece or several pieces.  Again, it depends on the vehicle.


Q. How does the liner stay in place?

A. Velcro.  On the under side of the liners, we stitch Hook Velcro and this sticks to the carpeting when you lay the liner down.  Although most carpet sticks well to the Velcro, with some vehicles, the carpet will not allow the hook to grab firmly. In these cases, self adhesive Velcro is used which adheres to either the carpet or plastic in your vehicle. 


Q.  What are the liners made out of?

A.  Please see the fabrics tab on the "About Us Page".


Q. Can I put the cargo liner in the washing machine?

A. No, not the best idea.  Please use warm soapy water with a soft brush or sponge to clean.


Q.  I don't see my vehicle listed.  Why?

A. Local dealerships may not yet have your vehicle available.  Another reason might be that we have simply missed it!  If this is the case, please give us a call and we can see what we can do to get the pattern!


Q. Do you do special orders?

A.  We always try to accommodate special requests, depending on the project.  Please feel free to inquire!


Q. You also carry universal second seat covers. Do they work with most SUV's?


A. YES.  We have three sizes to accommodate your second seat.  Take your measurements according to the diagram on the website and order the correct size that will be the best for your vehicle.  Most SUV's have a good fit, although they are generic fittings.  The fit is more exact on bench seats that have a straight back.  This is a great cover from dogs and messy kids!


Q. What if I have three seats?

A. Vehicles with three seats will have more than one liner piece.  On many vehicles, the third seat backing will be part of the main cargo area cover.  The liner will contour the the cargo area and then go up the back of the third seat.  Sometimes the back of the third seats are separate pieces, it just depends on the pattern we have for your specific vehicle.  The liner will also cover the back of your second seat configuration which will also be separate pieces.  Some liners, where we don't 'grab' with our Velcro, will cap over the seats to hold the cover in place. 



Q. Why RealTree Camouflage?

A. RealTree is the most recognizable and visible brand in the outdoor marketplace.  The Max4 pattern is great for hunters in open terrain and incorporates many varieties of plant life within the print.  The Max4 is the most used camouflage for auto accessories.  So, after many customer requests for a serious Camo, here it is!