Canvasback Rescued Liners

Our Canvasback Cargo Liners are made by hand, specific to order and occasionally we make mistakes or fabric flaws went unnoticed. These slightly flawed Canvasback Cargo Liners need a home! 

These flaws include:

  • Gently used - returned liners that might have a few marks
  • Permanent marker bleed through from the backside – from the product SKU # written under the liner
  • Small fabric flaws – color differences, minor fabric imperfections, etc.


These small flaws will not impede the use or durability of your Canvasback Cargo Liners should you decide to “adopt one” and take it home.


Please review your car make, model and year to see details and photos for your specific vehicle. This can be viewed in the product dropdown or in the product finder at the top of the home page. This will be helpful before you purchase so you know exactly what the liner is covering in the car.  Different vehicles have different configurations.


To purchase a Rescued Liner or find out more information about the products, please email Photos are also available.


Disclaimer: The Rescued Liners are sold in “as is” condition. You will have a 10 day period to inspect and approve your liner. Should you decide to return it, you will be responsible for all shipping costs, unless the issues/concerns fall under Canvasback’s Limited Warranty with the EXCEPTION of known expressed defects. 



SKU Make Model Year Color Description  Price
36555-N3-11 BMW X5 2008-2013 Mocha Gently used, has zipper for 2nd, no 3rd seat $100
36545-24 Audi Q5 2009-2017 Tan Plaid Permanent marker bleed-through $100
37655-N3-15 BMW X5 2014-2015 Graphite Dirt and some stains. No 3rd seat. $100
36701-11 Buick Enclave 2007-2008 Mocha Slight flaws, dirty, has zipper, cargo done-will make 2nd seat to order. $100
36585L-C2-F3-11 Chevy/GMC Suburban/YukonXL 2007-2014 Mocha Slight bleed-through from permanent marker.Captains 2nd, fixed 3rd seat. Fits either car $100
38300-NRC-13 Porsche Cayenne 2011-2017 Black Fabric flaw in cargo area. Does not have Rear Climate Control. $100
38515-NE-11 Ford C-Max 2013-2017 Mocha Slight bleed-through from permanent marker, Regular C-Max-not the Energi        $100
38650-11 Ford Focus 2012-2013 Mocha Small discoloration spot-approx. 1" round yellow color $100
38056-B2-15 Infiniti QX56 2011-2012 Graphite Small hole on back of liner can't see from the front-can patch, has zipper, bench 2nd $100
38125-YP-11 Infiniti QX60 2014-2016 Mocha Permanent marker bleed-through, power fold 3rd $100
36708-15 Jeep Patriot 2007-2008 Graphite Flaws on drivers side, has zipper, needs SA, large crooked logo $100
36714-11 Jeep Wrangler 4Dr 2010-2010 Mocha Permanent marker bleed-through, has zipper, large logo $100
36714-13 Jeep Wrangler 4Dr 2007-2010 Black Slight material flaws, has zipper $100
36977-15 Lexus RX Series
2010-2015 Graphite Seat back uneven, latch box a little off, has zippers $100
38507-15 Mercedes GL 2013-2016 Graphite Stains, very crooked logo $100
38620-15 Nissan Juke 2013-2016 Graphite Box cuts are a little off $100
38703-13 Toyota Highlander 2014-2015 Black Small scratch and scuff marks, has zipper, large crooked logo $100
36407C-11 Toyota Rav4 2007-2012 Mocha Spots and scratches, bad logo-will fix, has zippers for 2nd seat splits $100
38407-11 Toyota Rav4 2013-2017 Mocha Small marks $100